Marlena Waldthausen »Brothers«

We present: The 60 Photo exhibitions!

We are pleased to present you this year's exhibition program. We received submissions from almost every continent and stories even from distant countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Botswana have made their way to Hanover.

»Of course the refugee issue played a large role among the submissions, and that is rightly so. It is the one topic that has been dominating the news for the past months. We have selected four stories about the refugee crisis, which differ in their photographic style and illuminate different aspects within the bigger topic,« says Prof. Rolf Nobel (festival director) and adds: »But of course we have numerous bizarre, poetic and everyday reportages besides the more serious and heavier themes in the exhibition program.«

The list of the exhibiting photographers and their work can be found here.

More detailed information about the photographers and a first insight into their work will follow within the next few weeks.

Ciril Jazbec »On Thin Ice«

Enri Canaj »The Wind Cries War«

Ali Hamed Haghdoust »Kabul Jan«