The stern magazine announces the »stern grant« in collaboration with the LUMIX Festival

The collaboration with the stern magazine is growing: In order to support young photojournalists even beyond the festival, the stern magazine announces in collaboration with the LUMIX Festival the »stern grant« endowed with 10,000€ for the first time this year. The prize aims to support young photojournalists work on their journalistic long-term projects. Applicants have to hand in an expose for their story idea and the winner will be given the chance to produce their story or reportage in collaboration with a stern editor and publish it in one of the magazines of the stern branch. The winner will be announced during the LUMIX Festival closing party on Saturday, the 18th June. 

»Finding and supporting young talents is a key part of the the stern magazine's concept and history,« says Frances Uckermann, the art director at stern magazine and adds: »We want to create a forum for young photographers. Besides the »Junge Fotografie« scholarship, which gives former photo students the chance to work at the stern magazine, we want to help to realize journalistic projects which were not produced due to time pressure and the lack of money. We are really looking forward to the applications and the collaboration with the LUMIX Festival.«

All information regarding the »stern grant« can be found here: