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Prof. Rolf Nobel honored with the Dr.-Erich-Salomon-Prize 2016

Photographer and Photojournalism Professor Rolf Nobel, the initiator and head of the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism, will be awarded with the Dr.-Erich-Salomon-Prize from the German Society for Photography (DGPh).

 The prize is one of the most important awards for photography in Germany. Since 1971 the prize honors annually »an exemplary application of photography in journalism« in memory of the great photographer Dr. Erich Salomon, who lived in the Weimar Republic and who’s work was influential for modern photojournalism. He was killed by the Nazis in Ausschwitz in 1944.

The list of former winners can be read like a Who’s Who List of Photography and before Prof. Rolf Nobel re-known photographers like Anders Petersen, René Burri, Martin Parr, Sebastião Salgado, Robert Franck, Letizia Battaglia and Mary Allen Mark as well as organizations like the World Press Photo Foundation and Reporters Without Boarders won the prestigious award.

»With Rolf Nobel, born 1950 in Hamburg, the German Society for Photography honors one of the most influential photography professors, who essentially influenced the German photojournalism both as a photographer as well as the founder of the LUMIX Festival and the Gallery for Photography in Hannover. In the tradition of Otto Steinert, Prof. Rolf Nobel has helped to form the German university education in Photojournalism into a trademark and gaining more international recognition.«

The prize ceremony will be held on Friday, 17th June 2016 in the Auditorium at the Design Center. It is accompanied by the exhibition »Vom Aufhören und Weitermachen. Rolf Nobel und Studierende« (About to quit, and to carry on. Rolf Nobel and Students), shown from the 18th May until the 24th June 2016 in the Gallery in der Eisfabrik (GAF).

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