FREELENS, the largest German organization of photojournalists, presented the FREELENS Award for the 6th LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism. The best 60 bodies of work were selected by a our curating team to be exhibited in several pavilions and an open-air-exhibition on the expo grounds during the festival. The prize of EUR 10,000 went to the most impressive work of all festival exhibitions. Two »Honourable Mentions« were also awarded and include a prize of EUR 1,000 each.

The winner of the three prizes was chosen by an international jury of renowned experts from the photojournalism scene.

Florian Müller / Winner

»Hashtags Unplugged - Von Lastern und Leitmotiven«

#hashtags- they are indispensable in social media. From #nofilter to #veganfood, there is a fitting hashtag for every post. In his photo series »Hashtags Unplugged«, Florian Müller shows what hides behind this world and how users fulfil their longing for attention.

Elena Anosova / Honourable Mention

»Out of the Way«

The photographer’s ancestors came to Siberia 300 years ago and established a village in the taiga. Nowadays, 100 adults live in the village; they are all distantly related. Far from civilization and surrounded by wilderness, family and tradition are more important to them than any form of progress.

Esa Ylijaasko / Honourable Mention

»November Is a Beginning«

Far from the horrors of the civil war, a group of Kurdish-Syrian refugees found a new home. For four years, they lived in dilapidated houses around the Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. Esa Ylijaasko shows us their lives and opens a window onto another world.

Ezra Acayan / Honourable Mention

»Duterte's War on Drugs Is Not Over«

More than 16,000 dead – this is the result of a two-year war on drugs in the Philippines. Rodrigo Duterte, President of the south-east Asian republic, has been waging this war since 2016. In his election campaign, he promised to combat drugs with all possible means.


The Lammerhuber Photography Award, which is endowed by the publishing house EDITION LAMMERHUBER, was established at the 3rd LUMIX Festival in 2012 for the first time. The prize honoures the reportage or series of the Festival that tells the most impressive story of everyday life.

The Lammerhuber Photography Award underlines the philosophy of the LUMIX Festival, which is that the aim of humanist photojournalism should be to examine all facets of life. The prize is endowed with EUR 5,000.

The photographer and publisher Lois Lammerhuber is one of the most outstanding personalities in photography in his home country of Austria. In addition to several prizes for his work in photography, he has won numerous awards for his photo books over the past years. In 2013, Edition Lammerhuber was acclaimed the Best Publishing House for Photobooks, won again in 2015 in the category nature photography and was awarded the Best Publishing House for Photobooks again 2017 at the FEP European Photo Book of the Year Awards.

Aleksi Poutanen / Winner

»Fellow Creatures«

Finland has always had a special relationship between people and animals. Aleksi Poutanen shows how this symbiosis has been preserved in the 21st century. It would seem that anything – be it a dog, an alpaca or a stuffed and mounted wolf – can be found in Finnish living rooms.


Panasonic sponsored for the 6th time the LUMIX Multimedia Award which included a prize money of 5,000 Euro for the best journalistic multimedia production. Increasingly, photojournalists have sought to expand the possibilities of photojournalism by incorporating multimedia into their work and adding new narrative layers beyond photography. Since the 3rd LUMIX Festival we have offered a platform and support for this new way of storytelling in cooperation with Panasonic.

Our curating team choose around 20 of the best multimedia stories that will be shown at the festival, out of which a jury of multimedia experts chose the winner of the LUMIX Multimedia Award.

Kyrre Lien / Winner

»The Internet Warriors«

Who are the people who release their rage on the internet? Why do they harass others, threaten them and take freedom of speech to the very limit? More than a third of us take part in online debates. This is the result of a study by the American polling institute known as the Pew Research Centre. Over the past three years, Norwegian photojournalist Kyrre Lien has met with several of the most active online commentators. Come and meet these internet warriors in their own cave.

Ann Sophie Lindström / Honourable Mention

»The Bitter with the Sweet«

The no-longer-young cowboy Ricky, 62, and the eloquent Gretchen, 55, have been a couple since 2008. Marked by personal wounds from times gone by, their relationship is an emotional roller coaster caught in the field of tension between dependence and love. This intimate documentary film takes viewers on an emotional journey from tenderly beautiful moments to complete rage and invites us to think about our own relationships, triggers and feelings.


As in previous years, the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ), the biggest regional newspaper, donated the HAZ Audience Award endowed with EUR 1.000. During the festival the visitors could vote for their favorite story at the info-point of the LUMIX festival.
Everybody who voted automatically entered into a raffle and was given the chance to win one of three LUMIX cameras donated by Panasonic.


Elias Holzknecht / Winner


Since 1978, Josef has lived alone in his old farmhouse in the Austrian town of Längenfeld. His life has not changed much. He has neither running water, nor proper heating. This is a look back to a time that actually lies far behind us.


In cooperation with the LUMIX Festival dieUmweltDruckerei sponsored the »Sustainability Award« in 2018 for the second time. The price endowed with 1.000 Euro honors the reportage or series of the festival that tells the most impressive story focusing on environmental and social issues. dieUmweltDruckerei wants to support photographers who discuss environmental and socially relevant topics and help to improve the general understanding of complex subjects through their work.

Zen Lefort / Winner

»Standing Rock«

The Lakota-Sioux see their holy motherland on the Missouri in North Dakota threatened by the construction of a pipeline known as the black snake. Indigenous people of all tribes stand side by side with environmentalists and human-rights activists in a protest at the Standing Rock reservation.