At the 6th LUMIX Festival about 30 exhibitors from the photo industry will present their products and services at a photo fair in the Design Center's Atrium.

If your company would like to be represented again or for the first time with a booth in 2018, please contact our team at and we will be happy to send you an exhibitor folder with all important information and a registration form.

Over 35,000 expected visitors are looking forward to receiving your offers!

In the following list you can get information about our exhibitors:



Main sponsor and name patron of the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism, Panasonic will showcase its wide range of LUMIX Compact- and DSLM-Cameras and high qualitiy interchangable lenses working with the Micro-Four-Third-Standard.

Teaching and research, practical experience, training and internationality characterize the performance of the University of Hannover. With over 9,000 students, it is the second largest university in the capital of Lower Saxony and, with currently 54 programs at different addresses in Hanover has a widely diversified range of training opportunities. The teaching activities of the Faculty III - Media, Information and Design take place on the grounds of the World Expo 2000. The close proximity to businesses and organizations that also represent future-oriented professions, promotes a variety of contacts. Approx. 80 professors and teachers for special tasks and lecturers are actively involved in the training of approximately 1,600 students of the Faculty III.


FREELENS e.V. is the professional association for photographers and photojournalists. For more than 20 years it supports the cause of its more than 2.400 members – politically, lawfully, socially and culturally. As a founding member of the LUMIX Festival it donates the FREELENS Award, endowed with 10.000€ and honorable mentions for the fifth time this year. At its stand at atrium the FREELENS Foundation will be present as well to display their work, focusing on the support of photographers and projects in developing countries.

The Gallery of Photography (GAF) in Hanover opened in March 2014 in the Blue Hall of the former ice factory. It is operated by the nonprofit Association for the Promotion of Photography in Hanover, which also organizes the LUMIX Festival in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover. In the beautifully restored factory building in the backyard of Seilerstraße 15d photojournalism and documentary photography is showcased exclusively. In addition to classics and stars of the genre, the GAF also shows young talents. The gallery will provide information for upcoming exhibitions and memberships in the association.


laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen, founded more than 30 years ago and based in Cologne, is one of the leading photo agencies for photojournalism, magazine and travel photography and offers high-end services for photography. Around 400 freelance national and international photographers make their commissioned and independent works available for sale by laif. These visual resources are supplemented by collaboration with 42 international agencies and publishing syndications represented exclusively by laif in Germany.

Café Lehmitz Photobooks was founded in 2012 with the aim of anchoring the medium of PHOTOBOOK more firmly in the art-science business. Provide an overview of relevant new publications of photobooks is one of the basic ideas. For the first time will Café Lehmitz Photobooks be located in the Design Centre with a selection of photobooks, classics and new publications.



SIGMA - the name stands for one of the world's leading vendor of top-of-the-range lenses, cameras and flash units. SIGMA offers a large selection of products for beginners, ambitious photographers and professionals.



Experience OLYMPUS with its extensive range of innovative system and compact cameras, light-strong lenses and accessories. All products will be demonstrated by their team and can be thoroughly tested.

HALBE Frame designs and manufactures picture frames with the ultimate comfort and convenience functionality. The special difference to all other picture frame manufacturers is the magnetic frame principle. This is the fundament for all frames in our assortment. With a magnetic frame from HALBE the picture can be easily and comfortably framed from the front: without turning around, without tools, always the picture in sight. In addition  to the functionality of the magnetic frame principle, HALBE stands for a straightforward design without optical wear, uncompromising material quality and perfection in production.

Fokuspokus organizes photo & video courses for beginners and advanced in Hannover, Germany and Europe. Fokuspokus wants to sensitize the use of photography and show new ways to use this wonderful medium. They are characterized by the fact that they convey photography with much ease.

c't Fotografie is published every two months and is one of the highest circulation photo magazines in Germany. With detailed workshops, contributions to image processing, photographic equipment and photo printing, as well as tests of cameras, lenses and equipment in in-house measurement and test laboratories, c't Fotografie informs its readers about photography. The editorial team does not randomly test what comes on the market, but presents a selection of the most important new releases and places them in the market offer. c't photography is geared to photo-enthusiastic amateurs who want to make pictures look more professional, as well as to professional photographers who want to be fully informed about a variety of topics.


PROBIS MEDIA SOLUTIONS is a photo retailer in Hanover, Hamburg and Berlin. Since 1995 PROBIS experts have been advising professional photographers and demanding amateurs on all matters relating to digital photography; from the memory card to the complete photo studio. Even five trained photographers are employed at PROBIS. Only what is good and convincing will be sold. And then rather offline than online, because personal conversations can always find the best solutions.